Physical and Occupational Therapy under IDEA in Oregon

Early Intervention, Early Childhood and School Age Special Education
Amended, August, 2011

Introductory Pages
Chapter 1:
A Theoretical Framework for Therapy Services under IDEA 2004
Chapter 2: Delivery of Therapy Services under IDEA 2004 in Early Intervention
and Early Childhood Special Education (Amended, May 2010)
Chapter 3: Delivery Therapy Services under IDEA 2004 - School Age
Chapter 4: Modes of Service Delivery under IDEA 2004
Chapter 5: Documenting Therapy Services under IDEA 2004
Chapter 6: Supervision, Evaluation, and Mentorship of Therapists
Employed by Educational Agencies
Chapter 7: Regional Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
Services in Oregon
Appendix Table of Contents
Appendix A: Oregon Documents
Appendix B: Laws Relating to Therapy in Educational Settings
Appendix C: Resources


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