Douglas Education Service District
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Education cost money,

 but then so does ignorance.
-Claus Moser



 A teacher affects eternity;

 he can never tell where

his influence stops.

- Henry B Adams



You can teach a student a
lesson for a day; but if you can

teach him to learn by creating
curiosity, he will continue the

learning process as long as he lives.

- Clay P. Bedford


It is in fact a part of the function of education is

to help us escape, not from our own time

— for we are bound by that —

but from the intellectual and emotional

limitations of our time.
T.S. Eliot

It is in fact a part of the function of education is

to help us escape, not from our own time

— for we are bound by that —

but from the intellectual and emotional

limitations of our time.
T.S. Eliot

It is in fact a part of the function of education is

to help us escape, not from our own time

— for we are bound by that —

but from the intellectual and emotional

limitations of our time.
T.S. Eliot








Douglas ESD 2014 Summer Hours

Tuesday, June 17th through Friday, August 8th Douglas ESD will be open 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday - CLOSED on Fridays.


SUMMER READING   myOn:  myChoice, myBooks, myGrowth

Here are the amazing facts:

·      Children can choose from over 4,000 enhanced digital books in a variety of formats and on many engaging topics.

·      Children can read on computers, tablets, and other devices, and download books for offline reading using free mobile apps. 

·      Children can turn on or off the flexible reading supports—professionally recorded audio, word and sentence highlighting, and an embedded dictionary—to help them read independently. 

·      All digital books are available 24x7, with no limit to the number of times you can read them, and no limit to the number of children and families who are reading the same book at the same time.

There’s no trick to it! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go online to:

2. Click the Log In Now button and enter the following information

            School Name:  Douglas ESD

            User name: read     Password: read

3. Select a book and start reading!

YMCA/Douglas ESD  PartnerSports Camp 2014

A $30 fee is required to confirm your registration.   Financial assistance is available.

Camp Brochure and Applications:    Camp Brochure 2014

PartnerSports Application 2014    CamperSports Application 2014


YMCA/DESD PARTNERSPORTS CAMP (formerly Camp Shriver), gives over 100 campers, volunteers, and staff members a chance to interact in a fun, engaging, and safe atmosphere of sportsmanship, and fitness.

YMCA/DESD PARTNERSPORTS CAMP provides sports training in individual and team sports and, most importantly, builds lasting relationships between people with and without intellectual disabilities. Campers come from public and private schools, volunteer agencies, and the local community.

*Basketball  *Kickball  *Soccer  *Swimming  *Softball  *Tennis  *Bocce Ball  *Ultimate Frisbee  *Golf  *Volleyball  *Fishing

YMCA/DESD PARTNERSPORTS CAMP offers a unique athlete-partner model that has proven successful thanks in part to the terrific sense of community that exists in Douglas County. The success of our camp is due to tremendous community support.

YMCA/DESD PARTNERSPORTS CAMP provides campers with a diverse set of camp experiences that they may never have otherwise known. In the seven days of camp, campers and partners will play at least five different sports, swim daily, visit the community duck pond, go on a hike, go on a fishing trip, cook their lunch over a fire, and gain confidence in a unique team-driven environment.

YMCA/DESD PARTNERSPORTS CAMP combines the athlete-partner concept with a fun and rigorous day camp atmosphere. Camp runs for two weeks in July, three to four days a week, from 10am to 3pm. Students with disabilities are partnered alongside students without disabilities. This partnership in a team setting builds long-lasting friendships and camaraderie that will last a lifetime.

YMCA/DESD PARTNERSPORTS CAMP is conducted with the help and coordination of many volunteers work­ing year-round. We thank all of those individuals and organizations that have contrib­uted so graciously to making better the lives of our young campers. Special thanks to DCIPA - The Physicians of Douglas County, Jeanne Hatfield - Zelma Taylor Memorial Youth Fund, The Whipple Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, Douglas ESD, and contributors to the Y Strong Kids Campaign.

Dozens of staff members and volunteers come together to ensure that everyone involved has a rich, healthy experience. Volunteers do everything from introducing new games and sports, to assisting coaches with day-to-day training, to preparing lunch and keeping camp running smoothly.



Observation golden for ESD’s Lawson

For years Nancy Lawson watched coworkers recognized through awards and she looked to them as role models.

“I always look at them and think: What are the characteristics they have? And what does the district value? How can I incorporate what they do into what I do?” she said.  Her skills as an observer and researcher come naturally and are a well-practiced part of her profession. Her role as educator to kids with special needs, like autism, demands a keen eye and patience.

Her careful observation paid off.

This year, Nancy joined 26 other educators in Douglas County as they were recognized at the Excellence in Education Golden Apple Awards May 22. The awards event, in its ninth year, is hosted by the Century 21 Neil Company and recognizes educators in the county’s four large districts and the Douglas Education Service District.

“Nancy stepped up to the plate this year,” said Superintendent Michael Lasher, referring to additional roles and duties heaped on the educator. “Nancy is tireless in both her support of children with special needs and also in her service to school districts within Douglas County.”

Like everyone at the ESD, Nancy wears many hats.

At the Douglas ESD, Nancy is a special ed consultant to the Days Creek, Glendale and Riddle school districts. She also works with the Roseburg School District as an autism specialist. She is the countywide consultant for English Language Learner children, teaching districts how to acclimate students to a new system and language.

Nancy recently took up a seat on the state Autism Commission Evaluation Workgroup, which is working on merging the medical and education models so they align with both fields’ standards as well as Oregon’s laws. She also serves on the state Traumatic Brain Injury Evaluation Team and offers ongoing advice and support to districts.

She is currently completing her administrative licensing requirements through the University of Oregon. Beginning July 1, Nancy will be a Special Education Coordinator. The full administrative credentials allow her to serve additional districts as their SPED Director.

Nancy has worked in education for more than 30 years and came to the Douglas County from California, where she was an autism specialist with Temecula School District and private organization CASE. She brings to Douglas County a strong background in the legal side of special education law, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Administrative duties mean Nancy spends less time with children these days, but after years of working in the field she says those kids often zero in on her when she’s out and about: “It’s like radar.”

She was first introduced to the world of special education while taking classes at UCLA in the late ‘70s. Leading autism therapist O. Ivar Lovass was teaching there at the same time and the subject piqued her interest.

Her early career began in early childhood and general education, but the special education field soon beckoned.

As her infant son grew up, she noticed some of his behaviors were similar to children with autism. At that time, 30 years ago, the spectrum of high-level and low-level functioning autism was not distinguished and often children, like her son, were misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

During her son’s youth Nancy made the jump to special education, focusing on autism and behavioral studies. Some of her studies have been republished in books used by families affected by autism.

“I constantly weaved autism into (my career) because, in part, of my son,” she said. “It’s been a fun field to be part of.”

Nancy said the Golden Apple award was very humbling. “I was very much honored because it’s one of those things that matters and embraces those characteristics I’d like to see countywide and nationwide.”

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